Selected Projects

Project: European Court of Justice, Luxembourg
Client: InCA Engineers, Luxembourg
Consultancy: Design and tuning of the TLD vibration control system

Project: Bridge cable aerodynamics
Client: Dywidag Systems International, Germany
Consultancy: Wind-tunnel testing

Project: New Forth Bridge, Scotland
Client: Rambøll, Denmark
Consultancy: Seismic design and performance

Project: Prototype grandstands
Client: Promecon, Denmark
Consultancy: Human-induced vibrations and damping

Project: Harpa Opera House, Reykjavik, Iceland
Client: Rambøll, Denmark
Consultancy: Assessment of seismic design

Project: Katra-Quazigund Railway Bridges - Kasmir, India
Client: Rambøll, Denmark
Consultancy: Seismic analysis and design

Project: Electrical transformers
Client: Trench, Switzerland
Consultancy: Dynamic loading

Project: Electricity Authority of Cyprus, buildings
Client: Rambøll, Denmark
Consultancy: Dynamic analysis evaluation

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