At variodynamics, we are always interested in solving complex engineering problems. Our expertise is focused on industrial aerodynamics, structural dynamics and vibration control. More specifically, we undertake projects involving:

  • Wind loading and structural response
  • Wind tunnel testing
  • Aerodynamics of bridges, towers and other slender structures
  • Cable dynamics and aerodynamics
  • Parametric and indirect excitation of structures
  • Seismic design and response of structures
  • Shaking table testing
  • Vibration control using passive, semi-active and active control
  • Finite element (FE) analysis of complex systems
  • Icing of structures
  • Human-induced loading and response
  • Vehicle-induced vibrations
  • Structural health monitoring and data processing
  • Operational modal analysis (OMA)

We have access to an array of wind tunnels, shaking tables and other experimental facilities and we are licensed to use sophisticated FEA and OMA software, such as SOLVIA and ARTeMIS.

The majority of our engineers hold PhD degrees in Engineering, with a specialization in Structural Dynamics and more specifically in Wind, Seismic or Vibration Engineering.

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